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K-Fone is back up and running. The original box died years ago and will never see the light of day but the program lives on a new box. Check us out on twitter http://twitter/kfone2014.


Email should be working again.

For those creating a new account the system should work. If for some reason it does not give you a 4 digit account number press any number and you'll get one. This is a long time bug in the system.

Be aware the touch tone still suck. Have patience with them.

The Kfone Premium 5G email service, to my knowledge does not work so please do not sign up or bother me about it.

Quick update: 11-28-18

We have a new 3,000,000th caller!

It's Laura in Michigan...

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And Caller 2,999,999
Dave in LA

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1-818-344-500o(Roll Over/Call Hunt 8-lines)

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